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When you list with McCully Realty, we make sure your home gets attention—and that our buyers know what’s available. We’re on over 100 websites and connected to 15,000+ Portland and Salem brokers. We offer complete listing descriptions, 7-day-a-week broker availability, color flyers, and distinctive signage that all draw attention to YOUR PROPERTY.  Buyers will want to see your house!


Once you have decided to sell your home, and we have completed a Market Analysis for you, we will begin the listing of your property.  All McCully listings are entered into the RMLS® (Portland Listing Service) AND the WVMLS (Salem Listing Service) so that you get the greatest exposure possible for buyers.  These listings are then posted to over 100 national websites.

  • Listing

    At this time we will complete several steps:

    1. Agency Agreement: creates the relationship between the seller and the broker.
    2. Listing: records the information about your home to include in the online listing.
    3. Disclosures: declarations of your knowledge about the property condition.
    4. Signs / Flyers / Keys: these will be prepared for your home.
  • Showing

    Your home will be shown for sale by licensed real estate brokers, following the showing instructions you’ve given and stated on the listing form. Your McCully Broker will follow up with each potential buyer.

  • Offers / Agreements

    As your broker, we will present to you any/all offers received for your property. We will discuss the offer for your understanding and follow your decisions on accepting or countering the offer. It is possible to exchange several counter offers from both the seller and the buyer to reach a sales agreement acceptable to both.

  • Disclosures & Inspections

    Once the offer is accepted by both parties, the buyer has the opportunity to review the disclosure statements made by the seller. These documents identify the condition of the property to the best knowledge of the seller. The cost of the inspection is paid by the buyer. There is a deadline in the contract for this inspection period. If repairs are not agreed to during this time and the buyer does not notify the seller in writing that they reject the inspection, then the contract proceeds as written.

  • Signing / Closing

    Once all the sale and lending documents are prepared, they can be signed and the sale can be closed. All parties must have current, valid picture identification to be able to sign.  Once all parties have signed, the funds must be transferred from buyer to seller and the documents recorded with the county. The property sale is ‘closed’ when all documents have been recorded. This is when the buyers take possession, according to the times specifies in the sales agreement.

  • Moving

    Possession is transferred to the buyers according to the dates agreed to in the sales contract. It is commonly done at 5:00 pm on the date of closing unless other times were agreed to. Planning your move is critical to a comfortable sale so consider your time needs when you sign the sale agreement. If you will need to hold a garage sale please consider the time required for this process before agreeing to the date of possession.

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